NTSet (for Delphi and C++ Builder), v1.14 Free Download

Version: 1.14   (version history)
Date: January 26, 2002

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OS: Win 95/NT/2000/XP/98/ME
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Author: Sam-solutions.net

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NTSet (for Delphi and C++ Builder), v1.14 Description

NTSet (for Delphi and C++ Builder), v1.14 Free Download.

NTSet is a collection of Delphi/C++ Builder components for directly accessing Windows NT features.

TNTServiceManager: to add, delete, control and configure WindowsNT services.
TNTEventLog: to work with event log as simple as with TStringList.
TNTUserMan: to add, delete, get information about users and groups.
TNTShare: to manage share devices, monitor connected users, used recources.
TNTFileSecurity: to assign access rights for files on NTFS.
TNTRegSecurity: this component deals with registry's security.
TNTPrivilege: to control privileges given to the users.
TNTVerifyLogon: to verify user's username and pasword against Windows NT Domain.
TNTServerInfo: retrieves/sets variety of setting for computers on the network.
TNTMessage: Sends messages over the network to a remote computer.
TNTNetBrowser: to browse network resources and connected devices.
TNTerminalAdmin: to monitor terminal service sessions;
TNTaskScheduler: to schedule tasks for execution on network computers;
TNTFirewall: to configure the firewall under Windows XP and higher.

Current version works with Delphi 7. You can download NTSet for D2, D3, D4, D5, D6, C++ B1, C++ B3, C++ B4, C++ B5, C++ B6 from our WebSite (www.sam-solutions.net).

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