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Version: 2.x   (version history)
Date: January 26, 2002

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OS: Win 95/NT/2000/98/ME
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TMS Component Pack Pro Description

TMS Component Pack Pro Free Download.

All TMS components for Delphi and C++Builder in one money and time saving pack All components with full source + free updates ! Consists of
TADVSTRINGGRID : the stringgrid with tons of extra features

TDBADVSTRINGGRID : read-only data aware version of TAdvStringGrid

TADVLISTVIEW : report mode listview control with lots of extra features

TDBADVLISTVIEW : read-only data aware version of TAdvListView

ANIICON : shows animated icons on a form

MSWHEEL : give your application the Intellimouse touch

FORMSHAPE : turn your form into balloon help

CALPANEL : MS Money style panel date picker

CALCOMP : MS Money style popup date picker

DATELABEL : date of last form edit, for easy revision tracking

PROGRESS98 : progressbar with extra Win98 or IE4 features

EDITLIST : listbox with editable list items, horizontal scrollbar, flat scrollbars, auto insert & delete

LISTLINK : easy linking of two listboxes for field selection dialogs etc...

LUCOMBO : Combobox with lookup-editing

SHELLDLG : undocumented Win95 shell dialogs

MONTHCAL : the IE4 monthcalendar control

MASKEDEX : improved mask editor

TILEBMP : background form wallpaper

PICKDLG : designtime configurable popup selection list

PARAMLIST : Outlook inbox wizard like input control

HINTLIST : listbox with hinting when text is not fitting with listbox rectangle

SHADER : panel component with transient between 2 colors

PROPSCROLL : proportional scrollbars

EDITBTN : edit control with attached ellipsis button

SECTIONLISTBOX : A listbox organized in sections that can be collapsed and expanded

RFTLABEL : rich text label is a label with full rich text formatting capabilities, with design time rich text property editor

WEBUPDATE : enhances your application with automatic software updates via http,ftp,files

WEBDATA : extracts information from internet & intranet sites

ODBCLINK : gives your listview or grid control database import & export capabilities

PLANNER, DBPLANNER : schedule editing component

SYSMON : system object performance monitoring interface

CHECKLISTEDIT : edit control with attached drop down checklistbox

HTMLISTBOX : listbox with HTML formatting capabilities

HTMLABEL : label with HTML formatting capabilities

HTMLHINT : gives your application hints with HTML formatting capabilities

HTMLCOMBOBOX : combobox with HTML formatting capabilities

and lots more. See for details.

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