TImageProcessor (Without source code) Free Download

Version: 2.0   (version history)
Date: January 26, 2002

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OS: Win 95/NT/2000/98/ME
Rating: Not rated
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Author: Fortunecity.com

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TImageProcessor (Without source code) Description

TImageProcessor (Without source code) Free Download.

TImageProcessor can manipulate images. Version 2.0 includes the following:

* Arithmetic operations:
- Add
- Subtract
- Multiply
- Square (Hence operations like Brighten, Darken, Increase/Decrease Contrast are supported).
* Logical operations:
- OR
- Left-Shift
- Right-Shift
* Alphablending operations: Alpha composite types include
- IN
* Morphological operations:
- Erode
- Dilate
- Open
- Close
* Geometric transforms:
- Mirror
* Filters:
- Emboss
- Motion Blur
- Mosaic
- Blur
- Median
* Supports custom Image Processing kernels.
* Gradient operators for Edge detection:
- Smooth
- Sobel
- Isotropic
- Compass
* Magnification and Interpolation operators:
- ZoomIn
- ZoomOut
* Access to Scanlines provided.
* Blazingly fast access to individual pixels for extending the component with your own operations.
* Color Space conversion routines for the following color spaces:

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