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Date: January 26, 2002

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Oracle Class Library for C++ with source code Description

Oracle Class Library for C++ with source code Free Download.

Oracle Class Library (OCL) provides native connectivity to the Oracle
database server. OCL uses Oracle Call Interface (OCI) directly that allows
to create lightweight and fast applications working with Oracle. Oracle
Class Library encapsulates OCI calls in high-level classes that allows
to hide the complexity of using OCI directly and keep perfomance and all
abilities of native routines. With OCL you can use the power and flexibility
of SQL in your application programs without any restrictions.

OCL contains classes to control connection, execute SQL statements,
store and process result rows of queries and some common classes useful
for developing database applications. All classes have intuitive, easy
to use interface.

OCL is written with ANSI C++ and uses Standard C++ Library only that
allows you to port your application easily to another platform.

Oracle Class Library provides easiness in using from Pro*C/C++ and power
of Oracle Call Interface.

OCL allows you to:

- design and develop highly customized database applications
- improve performance of data processing in your applications
- compile the same application for different platforms
- automatically convert between Oracle internal datatypes and high-level
language datatypes
- fetch rows quickly
- cache result rows in memory to process them later
- use arrays as input and output program variables
- call stored procedures easily
- handle errors
- use LONG fields in the database

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