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Date: January 26, 2002

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OS: Win 95/98/ME
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GPS NMEA Toolkit from Accord provides a comprehensive Application Programming Interface (API) for software developers to interface their Windows applications with standard GPS receivers.

Applications that require real-time GPS receiver data can use the API to interface with standard GPS receivers without having to worry about the complexity of handling the serial port, extraction of the GPS data from the NMEA messages and performance analysis of the receiver. The Toolkit supports
most commonly used NMEA messages from a GPS receiver. It provides all the required services to read the GPS data from the serial port and update the application with latest GPS data in the real-time mode and analyze the receiver¿s performance. Stored NMEA data can also be read from
files to carry out analysis through API function calls.

The Toolkit is provided as a Dynamically Linked Library (DLL), which can be accessed by any Windows based application through API calls. The Toolkit includes examples with complete source code for the applications.

NMEA is a GPS receiver data format standard developed by National Marine Electronics Association (from which NMEA gets its name) to permit ready and satisfactory data communication between electronic marine instruments and navigation equipment when interconnected via an appropriate system. These standards are intended to facilitate interconnection and interchangeability of
equipment, minimizing misunderstanding and confusion between manufacturers of equipment. GPS receivers use NMEA data format only to transmit the GPS output data to other interfacing equipment.GPS NMEA Toolkit includes a host of services using which the software developers can create a quick and easy interface for their Windows applications with standard GPS receivers.

Using the Toolkit, the software developers can:

Configure the communication characteristics of the serial interface with the GPS receiver

Configure NMEA messages for data extraction, storage and analysis

Control and monitor the outputs from the GPS Receiver in real time

Carry out Performance analysis of the receiver

Develop Application programs for Fleet Management, Traffic Telematics,
Geographic Information
Systems (GIS) and Car Navigation Systems with seamless real time
interfaces to GPS Receivers


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