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Version: 7.0   (version history)
Date: January 26, 2002

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OS: Win 95/NT/2000/XP/98/ME
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DBFlyTreeViewPro Suite 4Developers Licenses Description

DBFlyTreeViewPro Suite 4Developers Licenses Free Download.

The TDBFlyTreeView Pro suite is an advanced interface
for displaying and editing hierarchical data.
It provides a set of the features found in the Microsoft TreeView
common control, and expand it functionalty with power and fast additional
properties and functions, which give abilities that go far beyond those
of the standard tree control.
The TDBFlyTreeView Pro suite consists of a collection of nodes
which are placed in the left column of tree.
Each node represents a data item in the tree - data displayed and edited in right
column of tree.
Nodes are organized into hierarchical relationships, and are connected by tree
lines that represent the 'branches' of the tree.
Each node has properties and functions that determine its
relationship to other nodes in the hierarchy.
· TFlyTreeView Features and abilities
· Displaying Data TFlyTreeView stores all nodes in memory, but data for cells
connected to each node retrieved to translate
and display through OnGetNodeData event. (Fully virtual mode will be realized in next versions)
· Data Editing Contents of each Node can be edited. ClickKey property support
to allows the user to begin editing (Editor Mode).
Tree retrieve through OnIsReadOnlyNode event information about editing node.
OnGetEditStyle retrieve EditorStyle - more than 40 predeined editor style + your own styles
- this Allows the user to edit diverse data.
If EditorStyle is editor with Ellipsis button , when the user clicks on button
tree fired OnEditButtonClick - for popup custom data editor.·
Data Validation All Data after editing retrieeved by tree through OnValidateNodeData, on this event user can process data for validation, translation and storing.
· Working logic: your tree can have working logic - checkboxes and radiobuttons, for which you can adjust images.
For want of change of a logical state of Node the states parent and child nodes can be changed.
Process of switching you can operate through appropriate options, function and events
· Professional Design: TFlyTreeView have set of incredible properties which allows user to design tree which gain look and feel of most popular applications such as MS IE4, MSOutlook, MSOffice97.
· Style property allows user to gain Normal, ExplorerBar, SectionsList styles look and functionality.
· Background Wallpaper Image To supporting multiple colors in the background, the TFlyTreeView also features support for pictures in the background of the tree. You can specify a simple
texture or a complex design to serve as the background area for the tree.
· Flat, Hottrack, Tooltips - Will give to your tree Office97, IE features without requirement ComCtl4.7+
· ToolTips Now let your users read the full text of each tree node!
TFlyTreeView's ToolTips displays the full text of tree nodes whose text is wider than the control.
· Backgroundcolor, SelectedBackgroundColor, HeaderColor - customize your colors.
· Superset of options allows the user to display Buttons, Selected, State and Logic images
· Fully Customizable at run and design time At Design and run time user has possibility for change of properties of a tree by calling Customize method.
· Load and saving your work: Templates At Design and Run time your can save or load image of designed tree with all our design work into file by
LoadTemplateFromFile and SaveTemplate methods.
· Imaging of Tree Nodes: TFlyTreeView have internal Imagelist for increase of speed of drawing and decrease of use of graphics resources.
The TFlyTreeView Properties Editor provide a custom interface to the Images collection, making it easy to add
the pictures you need for your application.
· MultiLines and Height of Nodes: Each Node can dispalying data in multiline (wordwrap) mode. For this purpose it is enough to set On an option TreeWordwrap.
Each Node can have various height to see more information.
The management of height of Node can be carried out through change of property IntegralHeightItem (for all nodes) or through event OnGetIntegralHeightItem (for each node)
· Without ComCtl 4.7+ and MFC DLL's r equirement TFlyTreeView is a 32-bit control and
You don't need any extra DLLs or OCXs, minimizing run-time distribution size.
· Multicolumn support
· Four fetch modes for each column (Virtual, Semi-Virtual, DBMode,DBTranslate)
- allows you edit/store datas with minimal coding
· Prompt, DefaultValue, Picklist, NodeData, Visible, ReadOnly - these properties of each column
allow you to create very ease and convenient treeviews.
· Added GetNodeAttributes event for get custom font,backcolor,alignment for drawing cells.
· Added uitlity function ExchangeNodes - for ease and fast exchange two nodes
DBFlyTreeViewPro -
· DB Support (for four fetch modes)
· Smart mechanism for loading/updating tree nodes
· Support for automatic generating unique Key values for each Node
· Scroll bars support for use more number of columns on FlyTreeView
· Smart mechanism for moving nodes in DB-aware
· DB support for Drag-Drop, Moving, Reorder Nodes
· DB Support for Imageindex, StateIndex, SelectedIndex of Node
· DB - Cascading update StateIndexes (for logic operations)
· Keyboard support for adding/inserting/deleting operations
· Utility functions for store/convert values of Checklistbox inplace editor
in DB
· Lookup features

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