SxMagnet Pro - Magnetic, sticky forms for Borland Delphi Free Download

Version: 1.12   (version history)
Date: January 26, 2002

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OS: Win 95/NT/2000/98/ME
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SxMagnet Pro - Magnetic, sticky forms for Borland Delphi Description

SxMagnet Pro - Magnetic, sticky forms for Borland Delphi Free Download.

This shareware-component enables you to simply develop applications that have
a WinAmp-Style form-positioning behaviour.

Windows are attracted by other windows containing the SxMagnet-component
and by the screen-borders (the magnetic range of each component is adjustable).
Windows can stick to each other, so that if you move one window the other
windows follow the movement.
Each SxMagnet-component has a group-index by which windows can be arranged.
A window is only influenced by windows with the same group-index.
Holding down CTRL when beginning to move the window will - similar to docking
windows in Delphi's IDE - temporally disable the form's magnet.

SxMagnet Pro includes full source and can be compiled under every Delphi Version,
whereas SxMagnet simple comes without source code and is only available for
Delphi versions maintained by us (currently D4, D5. - D6 coming soon)

Both versions include unlimited updates.

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