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Version: 1.1b1   (version history)
Date: January 26, 2002

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OS: Win 95/NT/2000/XP/98/ME
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XDenSer http Server Component Pack DCUs Description

XDenSer http Server Component Pack DCUs Free Download.

XDenSer HTTP Server Components Pack unlocked DCUs.

Let's call it v.1.0b1.

XDenSer HTTP Server Components Pack.



TxdsHTTPServer - incapsulates HTTP server functionality, has

HTTPActions collection to respond to HTTP requests.

each HTTPAction item has corresponding Content Producer.

TxdsSimpleContentProducer - simplest content producer, the content

produced just saved in Content property.

TxdsEventContentProducer - has an Event Handler to produce the content.

TxdsFormContentProducer - the content produced is based on the controls placed

on the form, allows interaction with User through HTTP. Supports HTTP sessions.

TxdsHTTPSessionManager - manages the Session creation, handling and expiration

for TxdsFormContentProducer component, when TxdsFormContentProducer works in

multisession mode.

TxdsScreenImageContentProducer - the component similar to TxdsHTTPShareForm,

but works in conjunction with TxdsHTTPServer and HTTPActions.

TxdsStaticPagesProducer - just allows access to html files in Shared Directory

through TxdsHTTPServer.

TxdsHTTPForm - the component for TxdsFormContentProducer in multisession mode.

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