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Version: 1.4.5   (version history)
Date: January 26, 2002

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SyntPanel with source code Description

SyntPanel with source code Free Download.

Opportunities of SyntPanel components:

Themes manager.
Save/Load themes (Ini file or registry).
Two kinds of a portrayal of title: Normal and RoundRect.
3 condition of title: Normal, Hot, Disabled.
Brief list of some adjustments of heading: Alignment, GlyphAlignment, Cursor, Hint, DrawEndEllipsis, PopupMenu, etc...
Background for the panel and title (Fast draw).
Moving and Resizing in RunTime.
Enabled mode
Collapsed mode
Included themes (Outlook panel both WinXP TaskBar emulation and etc...). Also flexible opportunity of creation of own visual style.
GradientStartOffset - Allows to displace a beginning gradient (Percent).
For icons is present Glyph or ImageList's.
Enhanced events: OnTitleClick, OnTitleDblClick, OnPopupMenu, OnTitlePopupMenu, OnTitleMouseDown, OnTitleMouseUp.
Windows XP visual styles support.

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