XDenSer Text Completion Component Source Free Download

Version: 1.0b5   (version history)
Date: January 26, 2002

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OS: Win 95/NT/2000/XP/98/ME
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Author: Chat.ru

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XDenSer Text Completion Component Source Description

XDenSer Text Completion Component Source Free Download.

   TxdsTXComplect when attached to any TCustomEdit descendant
(TEdit, TMemo, TDBEdit, TDBMemo) watches user input in
attached edit control and searches for the word the user entering,
so it is not necessary for user to enter whole word, text completion
componet will end that word (the text insertion is activated by shortcut).

   The component searches for words in DataSource - see DataSource Property.

It is strongly recommended to sort DataSource on DataField in alphabet order.
See Sample Project.

Here is brief description of properties:

property AttachedControl:TCustomEdit; - the control where text will be completed;

property InsShortCut:TShortCut - shortcut to complete the text;

property PrevShortCut:TShortCut - shortcut to browse trough datasource to previous record;

property NextShortCut:TShortCut - shortcut to browse trough datasource to previous record;

property DataSource:TDataSource - data source with completed words or phrases;

property DataField:string read - field in DataSource where those words are stored;

property ListWindowWidth:Word - width of words list window;

property ListWindowHeight:Word - height of words list window;

property ListWindowAlphaBlend:Boolean - you may set it to true if you want list window to appear alpha blended under Win2000\XP;

property ListWindowAlphaBlendValue:Byte - value of alphablend, ignored when ListWindowAlphaBlend is false;

property ListWindowFont:TFont - font of listwindow;

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