CSecureSocket Library Standard Free Download

Version: 1.01   (version history)
Date: January 26, 2002

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CSecureSocket Library Standard Description

CSecureSocket Library Standard Free Download.

This library is designed to ease the development of applications whichrequire
secure and safe connections over a TCP/IP network. SSL also known as Secure Socket
Layer is a standard today to provide secure encrypted connections between two
network end-points also known as sockets. Writing an application to support SSL
is a very complicated process because of the high math and low-level networking
knowledge requirements of these kind of development. Therefore some people realized
that the programmer community needs libraries which implements the SSL features
and the application programers can use them to create secure applications.

CSecureSocket library is one of these libraries but this one is focused on
Microsoft Visual C++ (6.0, .NET, .NET 2003) to provide object-oriented way of
thinking SSL implementation into this development environment. CSecureSocket
Library is fully MFC compatible, all functions derived from the class CSocket
therefore its name CSecureSocket.

Professional version features: (In this standard version these features are not available!)

Enhanced support
Source code of the library is included

Main Features:

Supports Secure Sockets Layer (SSL v2/v3) and Transport Layer Security
(TLS v1) protocols
Secure connection between two socket end-points with several cipher methods
using 128 bit encryption or even more
Easy SSL Connection configuration
SSL authentication using certificates, privatekeys
Easy Certificate verification
Advanced security options like ephemeral key exchange, etc.
MFC compatibility and CSocket class compatibility
Multithread application compatibility
Simplified worker thread support

If you are familiar to CSocket or CAsyncSocket class it is only a few
minutes to implement SSL support into your application code!!

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