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Version: 1.2   (version history)
Date: January 26, 2002

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RuiSoftware Components Description

RuiSoftware Components Free Download.

Set of 5 components:

TParserAll - Non-visual component that takes parsing one step further by using a generic approach of a Backus Naur-Form grammar to parse anything you can think about. This component is ideal for data validation, data interpretation and also as a find/replace tool. Works on text and binary data.

TComboSpinEdit - Visual component that allows the user to choose from a range of numeric values by clicking on special 'spin buttons', or by clicking on the combo button that allows extremely fast and precise input, even for floating-point numbers. Users can also enter the value in a text box, as with an edit control. TComboSpinEdit supports non-numeric prefixes and suffixes, such as currency symbols as well binary, octal, decimal and hexadecimal numeric systems.

TDBComboSpinEdit - Visual component especially designed for efficient data entry of floating-point and integer numbers linked to a database field. It has the same features as TComboSpinEdit with the advantage of working with databases.

TUndo - This is a non-visual component that links to any existing edit control (TCustomEditControl descendant) to provide undo and redo capabilities, among other features. Works with single and multiple line controls.

TVisualStream - This component displays the contents of a text or binary data stream in a single row. For each byte, it displays the printable value and the Ascii values in decimal and hexadecimal.

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