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Version: 1.16   (version history)
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Date: January 26, 2002
License: Free To Try $39
OS: Win 95/NT/2000/XP/98/ME

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version 1.16 (Shareware)

Ever needed an in-memory table containing object instances instead of

TObjectTable is a generic container that stores objects identified
by variant keys. TObjectTable provides most of the functionality of an in-memory
table, but the records are actually object instances. It includes methods to add, remove and locate items
in the table, as well as methods that execute a callback for every item in the
Any number of indexes can be defined for a table.
The items that are available for locate or callback can be limited by applying a
filter, a range or both.

What makes TObjectTable better than the object
containers shipped with Delphi?

Improved performance: TObjectTable
uses internal binary trees, reducing the complexity of the usual
operations (insert, delete, locate) to
O(log N).
Multiple key types: by
using a variant as a key for each item.
New features: multiple indexes, limiting the visible records by range or
filter, user-defined key types.


TObjectTable items can be any
TObject descendant.
Multiple indexes can be
defined for the table. The user can select the current index by
using the IndexName property.
Index options include: unique, case-insensitive, descending.
FindKey method locates an
object in the table based on the current index.
SetRange method applies a
range to the table using the current index.
Filtered property and OnFilter event
allow the user to filter the visible records.
ForEach iterator executes a user-defined callback
for all the visible records.
OwnsObjects property allows
the user to control the destruction of objects when the table is
Valid key types are any variant types that allow a transitive ordering relationship
like string, integer, float, datetime.
User-defined key types are allowed. The demo includes a TGUID key using
the TGUIDVariantType class.
It is not required that for the
keys in an index to be the same type, as long as they can be
compared to each other. For example, you can use any combination
of numeric keys (integer, float, currency, datetime) in the same
index, but not numeric and string keys.

Free add-ons:

TGUIDVariantType: a custom TGUID variant, initially developed to
be used as a key field in a TObjectTable.

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