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Version: 10.1   (version history)
Date: August 10, 2016

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OS: Windows
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Author: Hger+Busch

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hbTapi Components Description

hbTapi Components Free Download.

hbTapi Components is a collection of easy to use Delphi VCL components allowing object-based access to Microsoft's Telephony API (TAPI).

Just a few features of hbTapi Components:
+Support multiple phones, lines, calls per line, and multiple addresses
+Enumerate installed line and phone devices
+Discover device hardware capabilities
+Complete call control
+Make Call - Dial full or partial number
+Call progress messages and call state
+Translate telephone number - Using dialing properties
+Display CallerID information - Name, number
+Detect ringing, busy, connect, disconnect, and much more...
+Use Hold, Unhold, Park, Transfer, Redirect and more...
+Use Conference Calling, Three Way Calls and more...
+Detect/Generate DTMF tones - local and remote party key presses
+Wave Playback and Recording
+Enumerate Location Names
+Get/set Current Location, Country Code, ...
+Control speakerphones,handsets and headsets
+Control display, buttons and lamps
+Create "Assisted Telephony" applications
+Send / Receive binary data

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