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Version: 5.5   (version history)
Date: December 31, 2009

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OS: Windows
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Author: Aurigma Inc.

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Aurigma Avi Processor Add-on Description

Aurigma Avi Processor Add-on Free Download.

AVI Processor Add-on is video processing .NET component, designed to enhance the functionality of Graphics Mill for .NET.

It includes features which enables you to read AVI files, create new ones, operate with audio tracks, as well as a number of other AVI-related tasks.

AVI Processor Add-on has a number of worth attention features:
-Possibility to open the AVI file and

Get individual frames from it.
* Read parameters of the AVI file (such as duration, frames per second, etc).
* Extract audio streams and save them as separate WAV files.
- Possibility to create new AVI file:
*Add frames to the AVI file (e.g. by loading them from separate image files, generating them with Graphics Mill, or extracting from another AVI file).
*Specify different encoding options like frame per second, compression, quality, etc.
*Add audio track from a separate WAV file or another AVI file. It is possible to append several audio files together.
*Put a watermark on each frame added to the AVI file. It can be an image, current date/time, or frame timing information.
*Add transition effects between frames.

Possibility to enumerate installed codecs and get information about them.

You can easily use AVI Processor Add-on for various video processing tasks, including:
-Separating a video file into a sequence of JPEG files.
-Optimize AVI files for mobile devices (resize AVI dimensions, recompress with different codec).
-Track user's activity by capturing screen and creating AVI file based on these screenshots.
-Resize AVI file.
-Add watermarks to AVI file.
-Splice several AVI files into one and apply transition effects between them.
-Generate video slide shows with a soundtrack.
-Extract audio tracks to a separate WAV file.
-and more

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