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Date: October 03, 2006

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Active Flash Description

Active Flash Free Download.

ActiveFlash is a .NET component that provides plug-and-play Macromedia Flash support in any .NET-compatible application.

ActiveFlash's easy-to-use classes provides full Flash support for all common functions including creating real SWF (Flash) files, shapes, buttons, text, text edits and sprites on-the-fly, monitoring and respond to application triggers and events, and adding full streaming MP3 and sound effect support.

ActiveFlash is The Fastest and Easiest way to create Macromedia Flash SWF Files From ANY .NET Application - Guaranteed!

Now it's a snap to instantly add the power of Macromedia Flash to your games, business applications or any other type of software that you create for yourself or your clients. And you can do it in practically no time at all! All you need is a copy of ActiveFlash and 10 spare minutes to learn how it works.

ActiveFlash works with in any .NET development environment, so you never have to worry about compatibility issues.

And because there are no per-seat, per-server or run-time licenses, you can use ActiveFlash over and over again without paying a penny more than the low U.S. $295 one-time licensing fee. It's 100% royalty-free!

Flash, HTML and Ajax are setting the bar for the future. Isn't it time that you added the power of on-the-fly SWF file creation to your toolbox?

Here's what ActiveFlash does…

It instantly empowers any .NET-capable application with everything needed to do all of this:
-Create real SWF (Flash) files without the need for any third
-party libraries or helper applications at all.
-Quickly and easily create any shape, button, text, text edits and sprites on-the-fly.
-Monitor and respond to the host application's actions, events and triggers.
-Quickly and easily add MP3 sound support including streaming audio wherever it's needed.
-Fine tune the look and feel of any text by using the embedded font support that's fully compatible with both OTF and TTF font formats.

Active Flash keywords: flash, swf, sla, library

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