Email Parser, Mime Parser for .Net Mime4Net Free Download

Version: 1.9   (version history)
Date: August 16, 2010

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OS: Windows
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Author: NewtonIdeas

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Email Parser, Mime Parser for .Net Mime4Net Description

Email Parser, Mime Parser for .Net Mime4Net Free Download.

Email parser Mime4Net is email and MIME parser component that works under all .NET environments(.Net 2.0 - .Net 3.5) This component builds a tree representation of an e-mail message and allows you easily navigate message structure.

Mime4Net automatically handles the decoding of fields and bodies and can be used to extract attachments. Like no other component it is extremely tolerant against messages violating the standards!

Parsing mime type, mime mail, mime format, attachment mime, email component, mime message, net mime, mail component, mime decode has never been easier with this ulta fast email mime parser component.

Compatibility and standards supporting The Mime4Net library supports parsing of improperly formatted Mime messages as well.

-100% compatibility with RFC822 and MIME
-Easy integration (similar to SAX XML parser)
-Load message from stream
-Extract attachments
-Transparent decoding of fields and bodies
-Mime encoding/decoding
-Base64 encoding/decoding
-Printable encoding/decoding
-Headers encoding/decoding
-Content Type support
-Navigate the MIME message tree structure
-Sources of test script included to the package!
-All mime4j(Apache) tests are passed
-Built in Synchronous DNS Blacklist
-Email Address parsing for the Email Headers
-Characterset matching
-Standalone component
-Our MIME parser now includes SMTP client that can send messages composed by MIME4NET:
-Helper methods were added to API for easier control
-Now our MIME parser supports temp files for large attachments
-Support for structured DateTime field
-Couple minor bugfixes are included in this release also

Who and why chooses Mime4Net?

Mime4Net is successfully marketed product that is continually improved by NewtonIdeas company and our customers.

The biggest group of our clients middle-size software development companies, who needs fully documented, fast and reliable standalone component.

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