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Version: 1.8.6   (version history)
Date: December 04, 2014

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OS: Windows
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Author: SeriousBit

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SeriousBit Ellipter Description

SeriousBit Ellipter Free Download.

SeriousBit Ellipter is a .NET library for licensing shareware applications and components based on Elliptic Curves Asymmetric Cryptography.

Using a new and strong security technology we provide software developers and publishers with an unprecedented level of protection. With our library you can create or verify secure product keys in just 3 lines of code!

With Ellipter you can:
-Protects your .NET and Linux/Mono based applications and components
-Programatically create and verify secure product keys
-Easily verify any key with Ellipter's integrated UI
-Create thousands of keys in just two clicks.

Ellipter's Features:
-Strong Encryption
-SEL uses an asymmetric elliptic curves encryption algorithm to create and verify license keys which makes it impossible for a cracker to create any keygens by reverse
-engineering your code or even having full access to it.
-Compact Product Keys SEL product keys are as short as possible: 29 characters length when no product info is embedded.
-ID Based License Keys
-Each generated license key contains an ID which guarantees license key uniqueness and allows identifying of license keys.
-Embedded Product Info
-Additional product information can be embedded into license keys when they are generated which can be used for specific software features.

User Interface - SEL has a full featured User Interface with Public / Private keys pair Generator, Serials Generator and Serials Validator. - Royalty Free - licensed per developer.

You can build as many applications as you want and distribute them without paying any further royalties. - Easy to Use - SELs simplicity of use is just outstanding: you need to write just 3 lines of code to have it done. - NET 1.1 / 2.0 / 3.0 / 3.5 and Linux / Mono 2.0 support - Use your existent infrastructure without changes to create online key generators or protect your Windows and Linux applications.- C# and Visual Basic examples

SeriousBit Ellipter keywords: product key, serial, licensing, elliptic, cryptorgaphy

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