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Version: 1.0   (version history)
Date: May 15, 2008

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OS: Win XP/Vista
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Author: North State Software

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North State Framework Description

North State Framework Free Download.

The North State Framework provides a one-to-one mapping between UML State Machine diagram elements and NSF library classes, so the implementation is a direct translation of the design, making code creation a simple process.

Together with NSF's built-in utility classes for threading, timers, and tracing, this simplicity enables engineers to quickly and efficiently develop highly maintainable code for even the most complex state machine designs. NSF state machine features include: states, psuedo-states, transitions, events, reactions, regions, and fork joins.

Design features include: inheritance, composition, threading, timers, and trace logging. NSF currently supports C#. Please contact North State Software for additional langugae support.

North State Framework keywords: uml, state machine

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