.NET 3D Visualization Tool Package Pro Free Download

Version: 1.1.0   (version history)
Date: October 20, 2008

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OS: Win 98/2000/XP
Rating: Not rated
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Author: VTP Software Inc.

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.NET 3D Visualization Tool Package Pro Description

.NET 3D Visualization Tool Package Pro Free Download.

.NET 3D Visualization Tool Package is an easy-to-use and powerful .NET component used on Windows Form platform for development of .NET 3D graphics applications including scientific visualization, 3D game, and CAD applications. This component provides following main features: 1.

Various viewing modes: parallel view and perspective view, parallel model and perspective model (camera is simulated), and the first person which is suitable for 3D game.

2.Standard Entities: point, line, polygon, vertex set, lines, polygons, solids, polymesh, sphere, cylinder, arrow, disk, text, and various entities mapped with contour and 2D texture.

All of these standard entities can be easily used in development of 3D visualization and 3D game applications.

3.Pre-defined actions: Rotation, pan, and zoom in / out, zoom window, selection / multi-selection, and query (accurate coordinate, distance, 3 point plane, and contour value).

They are all pre-defined with accelerators so that no any extra code is needed to make full manipulation of model.

4.Flexible 2D widgets: Legend, Axes, and Logo can be added, resized, and moved at any place of the control.

5. Powerful 3D Widgets: VolumeClipper, Slicer, DrawingBoard, and EntityTransformer are designed to help visualize data set and realize CAD functionalities.

Useful Utilities: Color ramp and color table are provided for contouring and coloring the models.

6. Import / Export Functionality: AutoCAD DXF and Wavefront OBJ files can be imported. The created model can be simply exported as a project and imported easily later.

Image can be printed and saved in various data format.

7. OpenGL wrapper. It wraps OpenGL and can provide interfaces of OpenGL for .NET coding.

The download includes .NET VTPackage.dll, C# and VB.NET source code of demonstration

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