QRCode Encoder SDK/DLL for Windows Mobile Free Download

Version: 2.5   (version history)
Date: December 05, 2014

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OS: Pocket PC
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Author: AIPSYS Software Laboratory

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QRCode Encoder SDK/DLL for Windows Mobile Description

QRCode Encoder SDK/DLL for Windows Mobile Free Download.

QR Code is a very efficient, two-dimensional (2D) barcode symbology that uses a small area of square modules with a unique perimeter pattern, which helps the barcode scanner determine cell locations and decode the QR Code symbol. Characters, numbers, text and actual bytes of data may be encoded, including Unicode characters and images. The QRCode encoder SDK is based on the ISO / IEC 18004:2006 standard.

QR Code barcodes are used in a wide variety of industries.

It can store up to 7, 089 Numeric, 4,296 Alphanumeric, 2,953 binary, 1,817 Kanji or chinese characters in one barcode symbol, and includes error correction code (ECC) which allows error-free reading even when a symbol has been partially lost or destroyed.

QR Codes are commonly used with smart-phone devices such as the iPhone, Blackberry, Android and Windows 7 Phones to direct users to additional information such as calendar events, contact informations, email address, geo-locations, phone numbers, plain text and URLs.

Features Create QRCode symbols from alpha / numerical text Output barcode image with the formats such as BMP, GIF, JPEG, PNG

Render barcode images on any devices, and create device resolution dependent images Full controls of the bar code image styles, such as background color, bar color, image quality, rotation angle, x-dimension, captions, etc.

Support mask pattern Supports FNC1 and Extended Channel Interpretation (ECI).

The version is the size of the symbol from (1) 21x21 to (40) 177x177 Four levels of Reed-Solomon error correction are referred to as L, M, Q and H

Program is easy, several lines of code can get barcode image generated.

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