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Date: November 05, 2009

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OS: Windows
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Author: tmssoftware.com

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TAdvLUEdit Description

TAdvLUEdit Free Download.

* automatic lookup based on lookup list or filenames * automatic lookup history persistence * data-aware & non data-aware version * focus color, colored on modify, disabled color

* move focus to next control with return or tab * numeric right aligned input * uppercase, lowercase, mixed case input * numeric only input * auto focus, focus border, focus border color * attached label * flat style

* fixed suffixes and prefixes * different types : numeric, float, money, hex, range * precision for float edit style * automatic thousand separator inserting for money style input * URL aware

* associated AdvInputQuery method that improves the standard InputQuery with the many TAdvEdit functions. * properties to obtain the value as integer or float for numeric and float edit style * events for all clipboard actions * automatic persistence through INI file or registry * transparency * OLE drag and drop support * different color when edit value is invalid

* different width & alignment during focus * empty text string to display grayed text while edit control is empty * automatic thousand separator insertion * Excel style decimal separator behaviour * Error marking while not editing

* data-aware version included

TAdvLUEdit keywords: lookup, edit, edit control, tmssoftware

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