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Version: 1.0   (version history)
Date: March 05, 2009

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Author: xRM LINQ

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XrmLinq Description

XrmLinq Free Download.

Features # Map CRM entities to .NET classes # Map CRM types to .NET types # Supports C# and VB.NET # Strongly typed (Intellisense! no more messing around with schema names) # Lazy loaded properties

# Supports One to Many properties # Supports Many to One properties # Supports Many to Many properties # Uses DynamicEntity, therefore no need to add a reference to the Web Service # Supports Create, Retrieve, Update and Delete

# Supports ICrmService (can be used inside plugins) # Skip # Take # Complex where conditions # Executes queries through QueryExpression * Supports all CRM ConditionOperators * Supports LinkEntities * Supports Order By

* Automatically Optimize LinkEntities and Conditions within LinkEntities # Portable - not dependant on the dynamic wsdl

XrmLinq keywords: linq to crm, dynamics crm, xrmlinq, fetchxml, queryexpressions

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