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Date: November 02, 2015

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TMS Advanced Charts Description

TMS Advanced Charts Free Download.

TAdvChartView : fast multi-pane chart component:
*Single or multi pane chart view component
*Wide range of 2D chart types: Line, Bar, Area, Pie, Donut, Band, Stacked Bars, Stacked Area, OHLC, CandleStick, Histogram, Bubble, Error, ...
*X-axis with index of date/time unit indication
*Y-axis with auto ranging, minor & major value indication along Y-axis, multiple Y-axis values for different series supported
*Support for annotations & legend
*Panes with scrolling, scaling, splitter, drag & drop, synchronized scrolling with mouse or keyboard
*Highly configurable crosshairs with value indication at series, Y-axis, tracker & crosshair support along multiple panes
*Navigator bar to help for scrolling series along X-axis
*Floating tracker window to see values at crosshairs
*Configurable grid & bands
*Configurable margins for chart & chart background image
*Printing support, export to bitmap support
*Support for persisting chart settings to file
*Interface component to synchronise automatically with TAdvStringGrid / TDBAdvGrid

TAdvGDIPChartView : GDI+ enabled multi-pane chart component:
*Advanced GDI+ enabled version of TAdvChartView
*Anti-aliased chart drawing
*Complex gradient support
*Support charts with opacity & opacity gradients
*Support for PNG images with alpha transparency for chart markers, textures
*GDI+ hatches for chart fills
*Shadows on bars, lines, areas, legend
*Optional glass mirror effect support

TMS Advanced Charts keywords: chart, 2d, 3d, gdi, anti-aliasing, tmssoftware

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