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Date: May 27, 2015

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TWebUpdate Description

TWebUpdate Free Download.

- Provides automatic detection of new application versions and self updating mechanism - Can detect and download new versions via FTP, HTTP, HTTPS and file networks

- Can update application, application components, application data - Can detect new versions based on version resource, date, checksum, size, custom version checks - Can do partial updates - Can show "What's new", EULA information during update process

- Handles UAC on Windows Vista & Windows 7 - Built-in optional wizard to guide through application update process - Very compact size and simple interface

- Includes UpdateBuilder utility to easily create & automate update control files generation - Extensive customization capabilities for the update process - Can post custom data to a server for statistics, logging and authorization of updates - Also included in TMS Component Pack

TWebUpdate keywords: update, application, intranet, internet, network, updatebuilder, tmssoftware

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