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Version: 1.4   (version history)
Date: May 16, 2009

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OS: Win ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista
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Author: Inlite Research

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ClearCheck21 IQA Engine Description

ClearCheck21 IQA Engine Free Download.

Rapidly analyze check images for quality and TIFF tag defects and generate Image Quality Assurance Metrics according to the FSTC and X9 rules.

Improve the quality of check images and deliver more readable IRDs with clearer embedded images. Many check images do not meet the allowable exchange metrics, or exhibit improper TIFF tags and packaging. Use the ClearCheck21MICR IQA engine to evaluate check images on the fly or on a batch basis.

The ClearCheck21 IQA Engine offers Rich Core Functions:
*Generate X9 FSTC IQA Metrics
*Validate X9.100-181 TIFF Image Format compliance guidelines
*Create custom profiles of tests to match the requirements of any partner organization, or for internal QA purposes
*Configure the engine through friendly and flexible XML statements in a file. Default configurations are provided for quick start.
*Correct image framing and other imaging errors. The corrected images can then be re-inserted into the Image Cash Letter file.
*Metrics generated in XML can be readily converted to Image Cash Letter records, or to other formats as required for other applications

Flexible Check Image Sources:
*Process images directly from X9.37 Image Cash Letter files
*Process images from TIFF, PDF, or JPEG image files
*images can be in directories, subdirectories and multi page files
*Associate front and rear images with flexible rule based heuristics

Multiple Operating Modes * Execute Interactively through graphical User Interface to support rapid protoyping, testing and configuration. *Use Command Line execution for batch check processing

Invoke through COM API for tight integration with applications Combine with the ClearCheck21 MICR reader for a full scale check image processing solution.

Rapid development. Source code examples in C# and Visual Basic (VB6) Quick answers. At Inlite Research, developers respond to your support queries. Contact our development team directly.

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