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Date: August 11, 1999

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Document! VB Description

Document! VB Free Download.

Document! VB speeds up the process of developing HTML Help documentation for your Visual Basic project.

The advanced code parser within Document! VB analyzes your source code to provide a structured set of HTML Help pages, compiled into an HTML Help file, that represents your entire project's classes, modules, forms, user controls, user documents and designers. ActiveX controls, DLLs and EXEs are all supported. In addition to production of the HTML Help file, Document! VB can automatically add context sensitive help.

By including existing comments from your source code, a complete set of documentation for your software can be generated in under a minute, saving documentation effort and improving accuracy by documenting directly from the source code. Comments relevant to events, enumerations, enumeration members, declare statements, methods, properties, modules, parameters and variables can all be extracted from your source code and included within the generated HTML Help File.

The generated HTML Help file contains a full contents tree and index and it has full text search capabilities.

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