CyPilot - Utilities that Remember Free Download

Version: 1.0.2   (version history)
Date: October 22, 2000

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OS: Windows
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Author: CyWarp

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CyPilot - Utilities that Remember Description

CyPilot - Utilities that Remember Free Download.

CyPilot remembers where you have been, what you have done. CyPilot assists you in retracing your steps - doing things again exactly the same way as last time.

Fifteen utilities to enhance your creativity working with web pages, source code, text and photographic images. Unique functions enabling you to view information in the context of its use, global search and replace operations, web page refreshing and much more.

Extensive functionality in a single package. Flexible registration that lets you license only the functions you want at a fraction of the cost of individual utilities. Ongoing access to unlicensed functions with a touch of fun. Investment value protection assured with new innovative utilities planned.


Refresh web pages cycling through up to 8 pages in your browser.

Locate and change information using up to 16 simultaneous search/replace operations on all text files within a path. View search items in the context of their use with a result that shows each occurrence with preceding and subsequent lines. [Text files include web pages, most programming languages and RTF files.]

View digital camera header information (Exif) and set the dates on files to when photographs were taken. Generate thumbnails from JPG files within a specified path.

Inspect files using a HEX viewer with mark-up capabilities. Split files up into smaller chunks. Prove two files are identical.

Copy a list of the files in a folder to the clipboard for use in a word processor or editor. Change the timestamps on files. Rename files in a folder into a standard sequenced format. Use non-exact fuzzy searching to locate files.

Store passwords and other codes with two levels of security. Configure access to protect the entire list and add security to individual sensitive passwords with their own personal codes.

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