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Version: 1.3   (version history)
Date: May 01, 2001

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OS: Windows
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Author: Shoutsoft, Inc.

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COM Express Description

COM Express Free Download.

1. COM Express generate serious N(3)-tier VB COM Objects, GUI(UI layer)
2. Support MTS/COM+ , MS SOAP toolkit 2.0
3. Support MS SQL Server, Jet, Oracle
4. Support MS SQL Server 2000 XML SQL
5. Optional you can persist and marshal business objects in XML
6. Includes 2 types of templates: Object Template and UI Template. 2 Object Templates: 3-tier template(physical 2-tier and logical 3-tier) and N-tier template ((physical 3-tier and logical N-tier). 7 UI Templates: allows you to choose building your GUI application based on these grid components: MSHFlexgrid, True DBGrid 6, True DBGrid 7, Janus GridEx, XpressQuantumGrid, VSFlexGrid and UltraGrid. Additionally, there is a UI template for creating ASP application.
7. Code generation is 100% customizable with VBScript-powered templates. Scripting syntax is identical to ASP.
8. Provides a professional template editor to build and edit your own templates.
9. Support relational hierarchies to n-level (add as many children/grandchildren at your wish). This applies to business objects generated by COM Express as well as GUI applications.
10. Ensures hierarchical data transfer in one round trip for COM+ components.
11. Form controls (Edit, Combo, EditMask, DTPicker) are created dynamically and aligned and captioned properly. This also applies to Grid editing as all the controls will be correctly aligned and captioned based on your settings. Master/Child forms are created gracefully, even if a master has more than one child, it handles the situation with no problem.
12. GUI uses code-driven method or databinding collection/IOLEDBSimpleProvider method to bind VB Form controls/Grid controls to business objects.
13. Optionally you can implement a class called "BrokenRules" to enforce data validation.
14. Optionally you can implement a "Loadby" and "Deleteby" method for each of your database fields. You also can add lookup fields from other table to your current object (based on a database table).

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