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Version: 6.0   (version history)
Date: December 25, 2007

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OS: Win 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP
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Author: Commercial Research Ltd.

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Visual DialogScript Description

Visual DialogScript Free Download.

Visual DialogScript is a programming tool that enables you to quickly develop programs and automation scripts to run under Microsoft Windows.

It includes an interactive editor and debugger for creating programs - called scripts - which are written a high level language called DialogScript.

Unlike other programming languages, the syntax of DialogScript is very simple. Each command occupies one line, and has a plain English name that clearly describes its purpose.

Variables are typeless, and can hold many kinds of information, for example, numbers or text. Functions are clearly distinguishable with names that start with '@', just like a spreadsheet.

Script programs can be tested instantly using the development environment. You can then create an executable file [not in the demo version] which can be run just like any other Windows application.

Executable files created by Visual DialogScript, and its required run-time files, may be distributed free of any royalties. If you're creating programs for Internet distribution then note that the Visual DialogScript run-time files are smaller than those of any other comparable development system.

Using Visual DialogScript you can create programs that run entirely silently, in the background, programs that use a console window, and Windows programs that have a graphical user interface (GUI.) Most GUI DialogScript programs have a fixed-size main window or dialog (hence the name) but with a little extra code you can create programs whose windows are resizable.

The user interface of a GUI program is created using DialogScript code.

You can write this code yourself, or use the Dialog Designer to design the program interface visually (this explains the visual part of the name.) When you're done with the Dialog Designer, it generates the code to create your design.

With its no-fuss syntax and easy to use development tools, Visual DialogScript is the easiest and fastest way to create Windows programs.

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