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Version: 1.x   (version history)
Date: January 26, 2002

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OS: Win 95/NT/2000/98/ME
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DeskNite Color Edition Description

DeskNite Color Edition Free Download.

Change your Windows 95/98 desktop into a live night sky. Now Windows itself is a window on the stars with this innovative System Tray app. Desktop astronomy has seldom been more dynamic, with an infinitely configurable display of over 3000 stars, 9 planets, Sun, Moon, Messier and NGC objects in point source and photoplate display styles, with Stereographic, Equal Area, Equidistant, and Orthorgraphic projection models, flexible Alt/Az viewpoints; Constellation, Horizon, Ecliptic, and Aequator lines; Constellation lines and boundaries; Horizon and Equatorial grids, Dynamic Sky, auto-center, informative realtime readouts, and much more. DeskNite, beside its primary function, may be used as a pocket planetarium in its own right.

With urban (and non-urban) light pollution levels set to increase steeply as the Millennium approaches, fewer and fewer of the earth's population will be granted their right to look upon the grandeur of a dark night sky. Wonder at the stars has been Mankind's birthright since the dawn of the race. Now Man's science has deprived him of his own eyes' sight of the very Universe from which he came.

DeskNite will help you redress that injustice and restore to your eyes the birthright of the sky. You can be bounded in a nutshell (of pollution) yet count yourself king of infinite space.

DeskNite *is* the night sky as it was once witnessed. Your very Windows desktop has just become the window on the heavens of which your own environment is now set to deprive you. This is not a planetarium program or observing suite like Stella 2000 or Adastra; DeskNite is far more fundamental. Its kernal may be used in the same way as, say, QuikSky -- a system tray planisphere, but that is not its main function. Its avowed mission is nothing more and nothing less than the permanent transformation of your desktop into the realtime night sky itself.

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