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Version: 1.20   (version history)
Date: January 26, 2002

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OS: Win 95/NT/XP/98/ME
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DevPower Button Bar .NET Component Description

DevPower Button Bar .NET Component Free Download.

DevPower Button Bar .NET lets you easily build a modern user interface as used in Microsoft Outlook using native .NET code.

The component features a collection based object model designed to fit in with the Windows Forms controls supplied with .NET - if you have used the Windows Forms ListView or Toolbar, you will feel at home with the Button Bar.

Button Bar .NET lets you tailor the user experience - you have complete control over colors, font and cursors at both design and run time. Item buttons can be static (Oulook style), movable (like clicking a toolbar button), or stay pressed (like a check button) when the user clicks them, you can choose sound files to be played when a user clicks on a Group or Item and you can enable or disable smooth sliding. Single Group heading buttons can be hidden to achieve the look used in Microsoft¿ Project¿. Groups and Items can be navigated by using a Mouse Wheel, enabled or disabled, set to be visible or invisible, or renamed by the user at run time.

As a developer, you are not left out either - the component takes full advantage of the Visual Studio .NET Windows Forms designer, with settings and content set within the standard property browser and then persisted with the Windows Forms code generator. Button Bar .NET integrates with the standard Windows Forms components - images are chosen from ImageLists and ContextMenus can be set for Groups and Items. Finally, the component allows a group or all groups to be serialised into XML, or recreated from XML at run time, allowing you to create the contents for a specific user from a Web Service or database.

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