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Version: 1.0   (version history)
Date: January 26, 2002

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Lightbulb Free Download.

Bring your 3D creations to life with this stunning feature rich lightmapping application. LightBulb is a new 3D Lightmapper and Level Editor. It was designed to be EXTREMELY user-friendly whilst maintaining a high level of access to all lightmapping and object parameters. Available now for only £19.99.

Please try the demo before purchasing to ensure complete sytem compatibility. You'll be amazed at what you can accomplish with this professional solution.

Lightbulb gives you the power to add those professional touches to your 3D Blitz games. with a huge array of lightmapping features at your fingertips without the clutter and steep learning curve of other products out there, or the price tag. Lightbulb is the idea solution to add those final quality touches to your 3D masterpiece or better still make use of it from the initial stages of development to really get the most from it.

Lightbulbs features are second to none allowing you to create lightmaps for objects with ease - absolutely no coding required! Produce high quality lightmaps in .BMP format and UV coordinate files for use in realtime 3D applications. Export .B3D files with full texture and lightmapping information 'built in' or .X format for use in ANY DirectX compatable product. Special Blitz Basic funcitonality is included in Lightbulb to allow Blitz's internal texture flags to be activated using special characters in the texture filenames.

These flags are also 'baked' into the .B3D file which eliminates the need to 'hard-code' your texture behaviours. You can import .3DS .B3D or .X objects, position and rotate them and save the level to a native format for easy modification as your project grows. Adding lights is simple allowing you to set their position, color and brightness but there's loads more in Lightbulb. Download it now and see for yourself! Lightbulb is designed to suit the professional Blitz Basic developer but the .X export facility opens the door to ALL 3D developers.

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