Version: 2.3.0   (version history)
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Date: January 26, 2002
License: Free To Try $59
OS: Win 2000

Publisher's Description


If you've ever wondered what part of your IIS web site is causing a heavy
load on the servers, or if you've wished for a tool to determine which
call in an ASP is causing the page to perform slowly, ASPtimer is the
tool for you.

ASPtimer measures elapsed and CPU times each time an Active Server Page
is run. The results can be stored in the IIS web log or displayed at the
foot of the timed ASP page.

How Does ASPtimer Help Me?

ASPtimer provides a simple mechanism to:

Determine which ASPs need to be tuned

Identify slow back-end services
Pinpoint slow database calls
Improve user response-time
Reduce CPU load

ASPtimer can save timing data to the IIS web log, making it an excellent
tool for diagnosing intermittent problems and gathering performance
trends data. A spreadsheet program such as Microsoft Excel can be used to process
and chart the data. The ASPtimer log record format is designed to avoid
problems with standard log processing tools such as Webalizer or Analog.

For troubleshooting and tuning during development, with a few simple script
statements ASPtimer can display the elapsed and CPU time values at the
foot of the ASP page.

Documentation and Support

The Evaluation and Fully Licensed packages contain a comprehensive manual that includes installation instructions, user's guide, and troubleshooting and tuning scenarios.

Bugs can be reported via email to

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This program is no longer available for download from our website. Please contact the author of ASPtimer at for any additional information.