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Version: 6.11   (version history)
Date: September 12, 2003

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OS: Win 98/ME/NT/2000/XP
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Author: Jungo Ltd.

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KernelDriver Windows Description

KernelDriver Windows Free Download.

KernelDriver™ product line features market leading tools, designed to speed up the development of high performance, high quality kernel mode device drivers.
KernelDriver product line supports USB, PCI, CardBus, CompactPCI, ISA, EISA, ISA-PnP, PMC, PCI-X and PCMCIA* driver development for Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP/XP Embedded/Server 2003 and Linux.

KernelDriver allows you to test and diagnose your hardware through a friendly graphical user mode application, without having to write a single line of code.
KernelDriver automatically generates a skeletal driver code, customized specifically for your hardware.

KernelDriver offers you an intuitive and powerful graphical development environment, to simplify hardware access and driver code generation
Complete set of functions to ease the task of hardware access and control. Code compatible with WinDriver API to provide you with the WinDriver functions from the kernel level.

Includes diagnostics files and samples for jump-starting your development.
Graphical Debug Monitor to monitor kernel level activity.
Multiple operating system support, Cross operating system capabilities and 64-bit Support.

KernelDriver supports all of the WinDriver API from within the kernel mode!
This means that you can create and debug your driver in the user mode, and later use the same code in your kernel mode driver. This gives you the freedom to choose to access your hardware from either the user mode or the kernel mode without writing two separate sources (ideal for programming a prototype driver in the user mode and later using the same code in the kernel mode driver).

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