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Version: 1.0.2   (version history)
Date: September 24, 2004


OS: Win NT/2000/XP
Rating: Not rated
Popularity: Popularity 0/10
Author: luntsys

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luntbuild Description

luntbuild Free Download.

LuntBuild is a build automation and management tool. Continuous integration
or daily build can be easily setup through a clean web interface.
Build artifacts can be managed centrally and thus provide a central
download area for whole team. The following features are included in 1.0:

* Supporting version control systems: cvs, visual sourcesafe, subversion
starteam, perforce, base clearcase, clearcase UCM
* By using the notion of project, view and module, luntbuild can be
used to easily build multiple customerized version of products, or
different development branches, etc.
* Can do forced builds
* History builds can be rebuild later
* Build can be performed cleanly or incremently
* Build strategy can be set when scheduling build. For a particular
schedule, user can select to always build, never build, build only
when there are changes in repository, or always build if failed.
* Label strategy can be set when scheduling build or do manual build.
User can select to always label build, or never label build, or only
label successful build.
* Mail strategy can be set when scheduling build, or do manual build,
or do rebuild. User can select to always send notification mail, or
never send notification mail, or only send notification mail when
buid fails.
* Build artifacts are listed as part of detail information of a build.
By this way, the whole team can have a centralized place to manage
builds for downloading, testing, etc.
* Can add patch for particular build through file uploading.
* Builds are categorized, and can be moved between different category.
In this way, build promotion can be done easily
* Build can be searched and deleted.
* Build log, revision log and system log4j log can be directly accessed
through web interface.
* Different jdk, jdk options, ant, and ant options can be configured for
different project/views.
* Schedule can be periodically like, or cron like.

luntbuild keywords: daily, build, management

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