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Version: 2   (version history)
Date: January 10, 2005

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OS: Win 2000/XP
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DbControl Description

DbControl Free Download.

With DbControl.dll (Intelligent DataSource .Net Componenet) And DbControl Form Wizard Generate Advance Data Form in C# or Vb.Net And SQLServer ,Oracle ,Accesss DataBase Without writing any code.
The type of DBControl is data source, So you can bind any control which has data binding properties to it. For example you can bind controls such as TextBox,CheckBox, ListBox, ComboBox, DataGrid… to DBControl.

Also, DBControl has a powerful wizard which name is "DBControl Form Wizard" that covers all steps for generating .ready to run forms without writing any line of code -

DBControl Features:
1-Inserting, updating and deleting records in two ways: Single update or Batch update.
2- Navigating Records, using these shortcuts on the keyboard:- Up arrow : previous record- Down arrow : next record- Page up : previous 20th record- Page down : next 20th record- Ctrl-Down arrow : last record - Ctrl-up arrow : first record
3- Automatically diagnosing primary key fields and also checking values of those fields to be unique at data entry or update time.
4- Automatically diagnosing Not Null fields.
5 - The facility of searching field values in "Query by Form" order, just like ORACLE environment. By using F11 key, values of fields will be empty. Then after setting one or many of search parameters, and pressing F12 key or CTRL+F12(inverse query), search result will be filtered within data on the form form.
7- Automatically setting maximum permissive Field length, refer to defined field data types in table.
8- Automatically checking range of numeric fields.
9- The facility of duplicating values of current record to create a new record.
10 - Automatically identifying numeric and characteristic fields and setting limitations for numeric fields at data entry and update time.
11- The ability of settling Access rights, refer to user qualifications and determining Add, delete or update.
- … And over a 50 useful property, Method and Event

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