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Date: June 03, 2007

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OS: Win 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP
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MaxtoCode Professional Description

MaxtoCode Professional Free Download.

The Problem Most of the .NET code proctection tools out there either fall into the obfuscator category or shell-encryption tool category.

A plain obfuscator is simply too weak and far from a decent protection, shell-encryption tools are a lot more secure than obfuscators thus you could see better .NET protection tools often come with obfuscation and encryption.

The problem with these tools is they could only protect you to a certain level but still a determined cracker could still dump your code (MSIL to be precise) from the memory and reverse-engineer from there.

How do you exactly put an end to this?

Enter Maxtocode, along with the standard obfuscation and encryption methods, we employ an unique technology that protects your code real-time when your software are executed at your end users computer. Our technology will make sure no traces of code will be left exposed to the cracker while and after during your assemblies are being compiled by the .NET Common Language Runtime JIT compiler.

MaxtoCode Professional keywords: msil, reverse-engineering, obfuscation

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