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Version: 1.3.1b   (version history)
Date: December 03, 2014

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OS: Windows
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Author: Fairdell Software

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HexTemplate Description

HexTemplate Free Download.

HexTemplate gives you a convenient way to view binary files with a specific structure.

HexTemplate includes a visual template editor. Unlike many similar programs, the HexTemplate template editor doesnt require any special skills or knowledge of programming and script languages.

It allows you to create the template you need easily using the mouse and shortcut menus. The template youre editing is shown as a tree to make it easier to understand the template structure.

With built-in data types you can create complex structures such as:
-conditional branch the switch/case fields
-iterations (multiple repetitions) and grouping the block field
-recursion (multiple nesting) the anchor/reference fields
-bit sets and flags the bitset/bits fields

HexTemplate has a necessary set of data types for displaying templates of any complexity.

They are:
-Character data type char
-Numeric data type number
-String data type string
-Binary data stream binary
-Bit sets bitset

The program is constantly developed and improved. The developers add new data types and features at users requests and on their own initiative.

You can download the product from our web site free of charge and try it for 15 days at no expense.

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