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Version: 2.10.0   (version history)
Date: January 01, 2007

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Fast Gallery Description

Fast Gallery Free Download.

Over a dozen options are available for the gallery, located in an external XML configuration file. This file is editable using any standard text editor like Windows Notepad or Textpad.

Both color, text, and layout configuration options are available. 4 different layouts are available: 1, 2, 3, and 4 (the "layout" parameter).

Images for the gallery can be specified via the external XML file. The thumbnail path using the "thumb" parameter, and the caption text using the "captiontext" tag.

Any image can also be linked to a popup window, which can either be an external URL (http:// location) or an image, as it is in the demo. "Print" image option is available. When clicked, the operating system's print window is automatically opened. This option can be disabled in the XML.

Auto-scroll for thumbnails is available through 2 of the 4 available layouts. The auto-scroll can be placed either on the right or on the left side of the gallery layout.

Any image can be linked to an external popup window by specifying a path in the "imageurl" tag, in the XML configuration file.

100% of the Flash source code is included upon purchase (the Flash 2004 Pro. file, as well as the ActionScript 2.0 classes).

Thus, if the option isn't available in the XML configuration file, then you can always directly edit the Flash code.

Basic operation of the gallery involves three files: an HTML file, a SWF file, and an XML configuration file.

The idea is that the SWF loads the XML configuration file upon startup, to determine the layout and settings for the gallery. As you can see, the SWF is very light (only about 14 KB).

Fast Gallery is truly one of the fastest and most poweful image galleries on the market.

Layout 1 of 6 has all images in a thumbnail section on the right side of the screen, with arrow controls to view more thumbnails.

The layout that you want can be set in the XML configuration file, using any good text editor.

Layout 2 of 6 is identical in every way to layout 1,...

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