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Date: April 08, 2007

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OS: Win 98/ME/NT/2000/XP
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Author: EarthSoft

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Reactor Robot Description

Reactor Robot Free Download.

Reactor Robot automates the delivery of license files to your customers for Eziriz .NET Reactor protected applications, removing administration effort and processing errors, providing quick delivery and an improved customer purchase experience.

Reactor Robot is a secure license server, which you run on a non-publicly available server, reducing the risk of your license delivery system being compromised by even the most determined hackers.

Upon receiving a request to issue a license, Reactor Robot performs a number of security checks, when it determines a request is valid, it builds a license file to your specification (it supports all the .NET Reactor Locking options), optionally personalises an email for your customer, attaches the license file to it and emails it to your customer.

Additional options allow you to specify an additional file to attach to the email, and to run a program both before and after the license file is created, allowing you to further customise the customer experience, or maybe update a database with details of the license request.


1.Fully automatic. Once set up, no manual intervention is required.

2.Supports an unlimited number of applications, each with their own license delivery parameterst.

3.Optionally personalises the license email to the individual customer.

4.Supports all .NET Reactor license and locking parameters (including Version 3 specific options).

5.In addition to the .NET Reactor License file, attach any file to the license email.

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