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Date: August 28, 2007

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Author: Loginetics, Inc.

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Who Owes Who What? Description

Who Owes Who What? Free Download.

Overview:Who Owes Who What (WOWW) is an expense sharing software written to help manage debts that occur when a group of individuals split common expenses such as rent.

WOWW keeps track of the amount of money each person in the group owes to other people in the group.

This can be a difficult task if there are multiple people sharing expenses and one individual pays, for example, the electric bill while another pays the water bill and yet another pays the rent for the month. WOWW keeps an updated record of all individuals' debts and shows them in an easy to read textbox.

This removes the difficult task of trying to find old bill stubs and remember who paid them and sum up each individuals debt each month.

So how does it work?: WOWW operates on the principle that everyone shares all expenses equally. And so when an expense, such as a $25.00 water bill is due, the bill will be entered into WOWW.

Let's say Joe is one of the five people and he decides to write a check to pay the bill. Everyone else in the group will owe Joe $5.00 because the cost of the bill is split five ways. This seems easy enough, but you can imagine how confusing it can get when someone else pays a bill.

WOWW keeps track of these payments so no one needs to worry about being shorted at the end of the year.

Who is it for?: WOWW is not limited to being used for keeping track of household bills.

WOWW can keep track of all shared expenses such as a vacation in which different families intend to split the cost of meals or hotel rooms. WOWW is perfect for people in college who are sharing a dorm room or renting a house together. WOWW can also simply help you keep track of upcoming due dates so that you don't miss one.

Or perhaps your the responsible one in the group and tired of having to tally up the amount every one owes you at the end of every month, WOWW is especially for you.

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