P4 Changelist Grabber Free Download

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Date: May 31, 2011


OS: Windows
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Author: DesertHail

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P4 Changelist Grabber Description

P4 Changelist Grabber Free Download.

The 'P4 Changelist Grabber' provides a quick way to pull one or more changelists from a Perforce server to a local folder of your choice, pulling the revisions of the files in those changelists (and *only* those files / revisions [unless you want the latest revisions, which it can also do]), maintaining the correct directory hierarchy (unless you want a flat-copy, which it can also do) from your depot(s). There is a way to accomplish this goal from within the Perforce visual client, P4V, but it requires multiple steps, can only deal with one changelist at a time, and is generally a hassle.

Features include:
-Option to pull multiple changelists at one time
-Option to delete existing content in destination directory
-Option to warn before deleting files
-Option to delete files to the Recycle Bin
-Option to maintain directory structure of P4 depot on file copy
-Option to ignore revision information and just get latest on all files in changelist(s)
-Option to display a list of all files pulled, along with their corresponding revision
-Option to display a folder / file count in destination directory
-Options to automatically archive all or part of your grab upon completion
-saving of settings for subsequent runs of the program
-Microsoft MSI installation package for easy install / un
-Automatic update check mechanism
-Integrated feedback / bug report mechanism

The 'P4 Changelist Grabber' is made available as FREEWARE. It contains no virii, adware, spyware, back doors, or trojans. It can be used freely for any purpose, commercial or non-commercial.

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