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Version: 3.4.0   (version history)
Date: July 11, 2009

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OS: Win 95/98/ME/NT/XP/Vista
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Author: Abqconnect

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js Layer Utility Description

js Layer Utility Free Download.

This desktop application was made to simplify the effort to float, resize, fade, move and overlap DIVs / layers for web pages and e-mails.

Component compatibility worries, lengthy downloads, unsightly boxy look and difficulty with implementation are no longer a concern. Instead, this tool generates 100% JavaScript and is even able to appropriately add it to your HTML.

FEATURES * Provides an easy to use plotter to record the trajectory of the layers directly over the webpage you are working on. * A spreadsheets to manually edit trajectory information as well as behaviors such as 'pause' and 'activate' points. * Choose between absolute and relative positioning * Choose either html or image type layers * Have up to 32 layers in each of your projects. {Free trial - Develop now with no restrictions on projects with up to three layers} * Step-by-step help can guide you through your first projects. * Built in archiving system helps you organize your work and back it up. * An easy to use wizard assembles your final JavaScript - This tool does all the primary script generation for you allowing you to rapidly develop layer sequences * You are easily able to modify the core script which is the basis of the final script the wizard generates * During design time, you may export your project data to a published web page (local or remote) for additional modification. * Designate a preview page so you can view the layers (separately or with other layers) on the webpage you are working on. * Great for beginners to advanced developers * Easily define event activity of each of your layers for all of these events - OnClick, OnMouseOver, OnMouseOut, OnMouseDown, OnMouseUp *Secure payment through PayPal * The script-building component is now open source! * And, of course, compatible with all the popular web page editors * Community forum * Plotting of large negative numbers - User may set browser offset for plotting points way off the screen

js Layer Utility keywords: javascript, layer, dhtml, div, move, animate, resize, flash, frontpage, activex, alternative

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