Free Visual Folder Tree Builder Free Download

Version: 2.1   (version history)
Date: March 27, 2005


OS: Win 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP
Rating: Not rated
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Author: EMU8086

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Free Visual Folder Tree Builder Description

Free Visual Folder Tree Builder Free Download.

Visual Folder Tree Builder is a visual shell for creating JavaScript applets without any knowledge of JavaScript. Tree Builder will give your Web site the professional look and feel. Documents and folders are organized just like in Windows Explorer. It is possible to click on a folder to open it, and click on a document to access its contents.

You can see a preview of your tree, select folders and documents, move folders and documents with a mouse. You may use these buttons to add New Folders, Documents, and remove them from the tree. Remove button removes a currently selected document or folder.

New Folder button adds a sub-folder to a currently selected folder, or if a document is selected a folder is added to document's folder. Document button adds a document to a currently selected folder, or if a document is selected a new document is added to selected document's folder. In Caption text-box you may set a name for a selected folder or document.

Link text-box is used to designate a link for a document or folder (folders may also link somewhere). If a link starts with http:// (or ftp:// and etc.), the link will be searched on another server, otherwise it will be searched in the same place where your tree is located.

You can use a button on the right - [...] to select a file name of a link. Please note, this function should be used only to save time typing the name of a link, a file should be properly placed into the same folder where your tree is located (in preview mode it is "Out" folder).

A target can be set in a Link target drop-down box. There are two possible choices for a target: main_frame or _blank main_frame can be altered to any other name in "Global Properties", if _blank is selected, a link will be opened in a new browser window. Folder's target can be main_frame only (can be altered to any other name in "Global Properties").

Initial state drop-down box allows setting an Opened, Closed state for a selected folder.

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