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Version: 3.06   (version history)
Date: November 21, 2008

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OS: Win XP
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Author: Sittecenter

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Socialengine and All Plugins Description

Socialengine and All Plugins Free Download.

SocialEngine description Including Plugins: Audio / Video Chat, Video, Music, Polls, Employment, Events, GMap, Album, Blog, Manage Schools and others...

SocialEngine is a PHP-based social network platform that lets you create a social network on your website.

Right out of the box, your social network will offer nearly all of the features found on today's wildly popular social networks.

Several plugins can be acquired separately and will extend the platform's functionality with Photo Albums, Blogs, Groups, Events, Chat, Classifieds, Polls, Music, Video.

Here are some key features of "SocialEngine":User Profiles: Multi-part profiles Customizable profile fields Dependent profile fields Regex field validation Keyword links Birthday fields

Personal photos (avatars) Profile privacy Comments Custom CSS styles Network Structure & Customizability: Subnetworks Several friendship structures One-way or two-way friendships Verified or unverified friendships

Friendship types (titles) Friendship explanations Public / private sections Custom privacy levels Signup by admin invitation Signup by user invitation Customizable signup process Email messages

Frontend, Look & Feel: Template engine Global CSS styles No copyright notice Portal page example included Multi-language support Search engine friendly URLs Anti-spam Features: Email address verification Random password generation

Automatic "CAPTCHA" images Inappropriate content reports Simple user management User banning Word censors Blocklist Private Messages: Message inbox / outbox Message limits Conversation history

New message notifications Browse / Search: Separate MySQL database Immediate indexing Other Tools: Email announcements News announcements Comprehensive statistics Access log Bundled "PHP / Flash charts" class

Socialengine and All Plugins keywords: social, network, php, script

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