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Date: October 08, 1999


OS: Windows
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Author: Remember International Associates Ltd.

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Keep-It Description

Keep-It Free Download.

Keep-It allows you to store every file revision without cluttering up your system, or consuming valuable disk space.

Keep-It becomes part of Windows Explorer, providing you with a new file type: a Keep-It archive, which behaves like a folder. You can easily drag and drop files and folders into a Keep-It archive.

When you add items to a Keep-It archive, a revision snapshot is taken. You can also configure Keep-It to create additional snapshots, which may in turn contain additional revisions of the items you have just added.

The program lets you browse the history of your work, enabling you to determine which items have changed, when, and where. Keep-It also maintains a log of all changes made to the item revisions it contains.

By only storing differences (and compressing these), Keep-It is able to retain hundreds of item revisions in the disk space used by one actual item.

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