ATAF 6.0.0 Access to ASP Form Free Download

Version: 6.0.0   (version history)
Date: January 26, 2002

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OS: Win 3.1/95Unix / Linux Win CE
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ATAF 6.0.0 Access to ASP Form Description

ATAF 6.0.0 Access to ASP Form Free Download.

ATAF can automatic convert a MS-Access or ODBC database Like MS-SQL server,
Oracle, IBM DB2 or Lotus Notes database table
in to a HTML form with fields you select,  create the necessary Active
server pages code (ASP),
and navigation buttons. 

ATAF Creates 7 HTML pages with ASP ( Active server pages ) code :

A login page with username and password protection ( Optional )
A Menu page
A Form view where you can navigate, edit, create, copy  and delete
record like in MS-access
A page formatted to a print put of you form
A list view like in MS-Access where you see all the records, and can
select one for edit
A search view where you can search in you records and edit them afterwards
A SQL enter page, where you manually can execute SQL statements in your

The ATAF application will then work as a HTML form on top of your

You also have many options to changing the design of you ATAF application. You
can set the font size and colour on each element  such Background colour, headers and
footers and much more  in a CSS supported format.

Also now ATAF includes a menu editor so you can customize the ATAF
generated menus. 

In version 5.0 it is also now possible to save you settings, in different
profiles, so you don't have to enter all you settings each time you create a
ASP application.

Version 5.0 also support colour templates so you easily can add a format to
you application.

No need to make any ASP or HTML code the ATAF  program will do everything
for you. :-).

Just convert your database with ATAF,  publish it to your web server, and you are running
a database application on the internet.

To preview a ATAF
created application press here

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