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Date: June 04, 2005

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OS: Win 95/98/ME/2000/XP
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Author: FoxMasters

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+CodeInspector Description

+CodeInspector Free Download.

How it works

+CodeInspector applies specific method of receiving of source codes and algorithms of checking for each of file types. E.g. for PRG files is used the check when the use of variables, declared in the basic procedure or function, by internal procedures or the functions caused from the basic procedure is authorized. For methods of forms and classes is applied such algorithm when, any variables used in a body of methods, should be obviously declared before their use. For the whole project +CodeInspector allows to specify the full list of global variables, use of which in any place of a program code is not considered as a mistake.

Flexibility and convenience
+CodeInspector allows using special preferences for solving difficult situations, when use of external variables, not declared in a body of the program allowed (you can use special constructions to specify that usage of these variables is not considered as an error).

Product has two parts: module for working with CI-Projects & Quick scan module.

With the help of Quick scan you can check forms and classes opened for changing in designer on the fly, that helps to define a place with a problem and to fix it quickly. Active projects can also be scaned, , thus +CodeInspector itself will automatically define the structure of files to check and after check will give you detailed report.

Having several projects and/or separate vfp files to scan from day to day to keep them clear from errors? These needs also could be satisfied, with the help of Project module. Just create several +CodeInspector-projects, specify their data-sources (a list of program files and/or VFP-projects to be checked), configure scan settings for them once and then you can perform a check in several clicks anytime you need. It is quick and easy!

By using FoxMasters +CodeInspector you make your code more secure and speed up the development of your projects by decreasing time for debugging them!

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