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Date: February 01, 2010

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Author: Lingobit Technologies

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Lingobit Extractor Description

Lingobit Extractor Free Download.

Lingobit Extractor is a new tool for software localization. The tool solves a huge part of internationalization tasks by extracting hardcoded strings from source code to resources.

It supports C, C++, C#, Delphi, Visual Basix.NET and Java languages.

Benefits * Automatically extracts hardcoded strings * Creates resource files with extracted strings * Updates hardcoded strings after software update * Works with individual files and folders

* Runtime preview of source code files * Highly customizable templates * Review and editing of extracted strings How it works

Lingobit Extractor extracts hardcoded strings from source code. It replaces hardcoded strings with a code template that loads them from resources and creates an RC file with the extracted text.

For example, the C++ code

printf(L"Hello, world!");will be automatically replaced with... printf(_LS(IDS_HELLO));where _LS is a function that loads the string from resources, IDS_HELLO is an automatically generated ID for the string that was placed into the resource script file.

There are a lot of configuration options so you can control every stage of the extraction process.

Furthermore, you can preview all changes in source code and edit the extracted strings in the resource table.

It is a very useful tool for software developers, translation and localization agencies and other companies that face internationalization challenges.

It automates the hardcoded string extraction process and makes it very easy to prepare source code for software localization.

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